Seating Concepts Unveiling Cutting-Edge Fixed Seating

Tuesday, 25 March 2014 / Published in Theater Seats

Seating Concepts is excited to announce that we’ll be rolling out our new lines of seats at CinemCon. This annual convention is the largest of its kind and the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners. With new seats and features, this year’s visitors will get the chance to see and experience the world-class luxury cinema seating from Seating Concepts.

While CinemaCon highlights a range of areas including screens, concessions, lighting, and new technology, Seating Concepts believes that no theater upgrade is complete without great seating. With this in mind, we will be premiering our newest addition: the Genesis. This chair offers a 25-inch width, with gas piston movement technology, and independent back-seat movement. It also saves space with the same foot print as standard cinema chairs, giving comfort while also providing efficient use of space.

Also available for viewing will be the Atlantic City. This model is a manual seat, with several configurations and a spacious 28-width. Our Sun City, Melbourne, and Melbourne Plus are other popular seats. These 28-inch width chairs come with an electrical or manual option and the choice to get them in standard or plush.

During the three-day trade show, we will also offer visitors an interactive experience with our Tremor FX seats. The Tremor FX will give moviegoers an experience like no other, with enhancements that include “feeling” the movie soundtrack. This not only enhances the viewing experience, but also brings a cutting-edge innovation to theater owners.

CinemaCon 2014 will take place March 24-27 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Outside of showing visitors our seating, we will be highlighting our innovative table and drink accessories. These were developed in conjunction with Blake Jarrett & Company and will be unveiled at the show.

Come on out and see our new lines of seats at CinemaCon 2014! We’re looking forward to meeting with you and helping you improve your business. It’s time to take your movie theater into the next generation of quality, luxury, and innovation. See photos and specifications of our cinema chairs at or call our office at 800.868.8464 for more information.