Empire VIP

Combining the best of a deluxe recliner chair with cinema engineering, the SL 1900 Empire VIP allows customers home theater level treatment. Using a generous back recline mechanism, the expansive Empire design back assembly carries you to sublime comfort.

Empire VIP Luxury Theatre & Cinema Seating

The Empire VIP is one of our finest deluxe cinema chairs. With reclining capabilities, wonderful and modern styling, and a number of ways to customize, your audience will love the experience and your theater will separate itself from the competition.

The Empire VIP theatre seats are designed to offer moviegoers a home theatre caliber experience and level of comfort. The chairs offer spacious sizing and design, giving each patron a new and unheard of level of sublime comfort.

One of the biggest complaints about seeing a movie in the theater is the lack of creature comforts that your customers receive when they’re at home. With the Empire VIP theater seat, you can quickly and easily solve that problem once and for all.

From there, this theater seat can be adorned with the styling and features of your choice, with myriad options for colors, stitching, materials, finishes, and all-around capabilities, from dining and snack trays to integrated cup holders, unique aisle numbering and lighting, and much more.

Call the Seating Concepts team today at 619.491.3159 and we’ll help you on your way to an exclusive cinema seating arrangement which makes you the rave of customers all across your local area.

  • 42″
  • 24″
  • 25″
  • 26″
  • Stationary
  • Gravity Return
  • ADA – Retractable Armrest (566)
  • Standard Moveable Base
  • Rectangular Swivel (112)
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Empire VIP Installations

Carmike Ovation Cinemas

 Product: Empire VIP

Cineplex Oakville

  Product: Empire VIP

Plaza Theater

Product: Empire VIP