Designer (Stationary)

Feature after feature, the Designer is one of the most popular models we offer. With a 40-inch overall height, you can relax in the comfort our own cold molded back and seat foams offer that is second to none.

Designer Theatre & Cinema Seating

The Designer movie theatre seat from Seating Concepts is a popular choice which our customers love, and their audience loves even more. It’s designed to be feature-rich, and provide the utmost in comfort in traditional seating. Moviegoers will continue coming back to your cinema, and you’ll become the new high-end destination in town.

As with all of our premium cinema seating arrangements, the Designer chair offers a number of ways to personalize and customize. Add your own touches with distinctive embroidery, aisle lettering and numbering, lighting, and high-end finishes.

Choose the materials and colors which help to set you apart or match your existing style, and put it all together in a beautiful new arrangement. Pick the perfect style of cup holder, and consider comforts such as swivel snack trays.

Your creativity is the only limit, and we’ll do our part to ensure you always end up with exactly what you envisioned. With the right seating in place, your audience will continue coming back for the excellent comfort and service you provide.

Call Seating Concepts at 619.491.3159 today. Let our team help you design an amazing new high-end cinema seating arrangement based on the comfort and features of the Designer theater seat.

  • 41″
  • 43″
  • 19″
  • 20″
  • 21″
  • 22″
  • 23″
  • 24″
  • 45%
  • 90%
  • 100%
  • Gravity Return
  • Torselastick Return
  • Concave (522)
  • Retractable Armrest / Armless – 21″ – 24″ Widths
  • Perforated Seat Cover
  • Cantilever Stanchion
  • Standard Moveable Base
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Designer Installations