Designer (Rocker)

The Designer (Rocker) is one of our long standing, go-to traditional chair models in our cinema line.  Comfortable, reliable, and stylish, this rocker provides the perfect support throughout the movie experience.  The Designer has become a popular choice for cinemas around the world.

Designer (Rocker) Theatre & Cinema Seating

The Designer (Rocker) cinema chair is one of our long standing choices in our expansive lineup of movie theatre seating. It can work wonders for you and your theatre as you look to create a comfortable and memorable movie experience against your local competition.

With the Designer (Rocker), your audience will be immersed in comfort and will love its integrated back and seat movement.  Ultimately, they’ll continue coming back to you time and again, and you’ll make yourself a destination.

The Designer (Rocker) offers the best of both worlds. It’s luxurious and stylish, but it also provides a great value for you. It won’t destroy your budget but will prove instead to be a worthwhile investment. It allows your audience members to stretch, relax and get comfortable, yet the sizing and spacing of these theatre seats still allow you to maximize your capacity.

Customize the Designer (Rocker) several different options and features such as the perfect aisle numbering or cup holders, and allow your customers to indulge in a home theatre type of environment.

When you’re ready to get started with the Designer (Rocker) as your beautiful and stylish new theatre seats, call our team directly at 619.491.3159 for more information.

  • 40″
  • 42 1/2″
  • 44″
  • 21″
  • 22″
  • 23″
  • 24″
  • 45%
  • 90%
  • 100%
  • Gravity Return
  • Torselastick Return
  • Standard Moveable Base
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Designer Installations

Cineplex Queensway

  Product: Epic 

Karo - Crocus

Karo – Crocus

 Product: Designer