Custom Fixed Seating

custom multiplatform seat

Our custom multi-platform seat allows for a wide range of elegant and comfortable options sure to match your needs.

A multipurpose platform from Seating Concepts is one of our most customizable choices for high quality, comfortable seating. With a near limitless array of choices, you can custom-design a seating arrangement to match any preference, style or budget. Great for theaters, schools, performance halls and more, this is a multipurpose platform that allows you to configure your seats to perfectly match your needs.

This is an all new multipurpose system from Seating Concepts which allows for multi-component mixing and matching. Your seating arrangement will therefore be based entirely on the specifications you desire, as well as the space that you have to work within.

Choose from different seating options, such as armless chairs with a dual pedestal design, widths ranging from 19.25 inches to 24 inches, various end panel styles, and much more.

With one single structure supporting the arrangement, there’s an endless number of combinations which can be developed and customized. You’ll also have your choice of fabrics or materials, as well as colors, and the potential for add-on accessories.

Custom seating from Seating Concepts can help you and your theater stand apart from the competition, whether you’re overhauling your venue or you’re designing one from the ground up. Become the attraction for your customers, and ensure they continue coming back for more.

Learn more and get started with the multipurpose platform by calling us directly at619-491-3159. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and begin the process of personalizing your fantastic new movie theatre seating.