West Angeles Cathedral

Product: Contour
  • State or Country: CA
  • City: Los Angeles
  • Market: Worship

West Angeles Cathedral’s Customized Worship Seating Arrangement

The West Angeles Church of God in Christ has over 22,000 members. That means it has a huge and unique need for the right type of church seating arrangement in this  California church.

They’ve changed facilities multiple times to keep up with added capacity needs, and are now in a beautiful 5,000 seat venue in Los Angeles, the West Angeles Cathedral. Seating Concepts is proud to have provided the West Angeles Cathedral with its worship seating.

The West Angeles Church of God in Christ has a long and storied history and is an important piece of the community. First founded in 1943, the church moved to the West Angeles Cathedral at 3600 Crenshaw Boulevard in 2001.

All projects have unique factors and needs, and certainly this was no different. The durable and cost-effective Contour seating for congregations was chosen. It’s highly customizable and feature-rich, and can hold up to the rigors of daily usage.

The fixed seating at West Angeles Cathedral perfectly matches the style and tone of the rest of the fantastic venue. The upholstered seats are eye-catching but also blend in, and allow churchgoers to be comfortable, attentive, and focused.

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