Installing Electric Recliners? Ask These 5 Questions.

Friday, 16 December 2016 / Published in Theater Seats

reclining electric theater seatElectric recliners enhance the experience for guests at your theater, and today’s moviegoers prefer a luxury, high-tech environment. Theaters that invest in recliner seating boast a clear market advantage. While these seats do require a larger footprint and reduce a theater’s total capacity, we see marked increase in business. (What good is a 300-seat theater that’s only half full anyway?)

So if you’ve decided to move forward with installing electric recliners, you’re making a smart business decision. But now there’s more to consider. You might be wondering if you’ll have to retrofit the theater to fit electric recliner seats. Or, how long will you need to close a theater to complete the installation?
Let’s address those and other important questions to ask a theater seat provider before installing electric recliners.

#1 Space Requirements: Will You Need To Renovate?

Is it necessary to modify your existing floor space to accommodate electric reclining theater seats? This is a common questions theater owners ask when they have traditional seating and are preparing to upgrade to recliner technology. While basic seats generally call for a smaller footprint, recliners require ample space to accommodate foot and head room. Sloped floors to flat and/or stadium seating will mean reconfiguring the floor plan to accommodate electric recliners. Consult with a theater seating expert to find out for sure.

#2 Electrical Capacity

Brand-new movie theaters generally have the electrical capacity to power today’s modern electric reclining seats. But existing theaters that are replacing traditional seating with recliners should ensure that their electrical capacity can handle the updated seating. An electrical upgrade might be necessary.

#3 Keeping Seats Clean

Many electric recliner seats are upholstered with vinyl for easy cleaning. But the problem is, popcorn butter can be vinyl’s biggest enemy. The fats can cause vinyl surfaces to become brittle and eventually crack. Find out about the materials your seating provider uses. At Seating Concepts, our exclusive line of vinyl upholstery withstands butter and oils.
Longevity of materials is critical when making an investment in new seating, so find out how vinyl is made and whether it will degrade over time. (As far as we know, Seating Concepts is the only commercial seating provider that offers this resilient vinyl—a proprietary material.)

#4 Installation Down Time

How long will it take for the seating provider to install your new electric recliners? For multiplex facilities that can shut down one theater at a time for renovations, downtime is not such a problem. But smaller houses should find out the installation time frame so they can plan for the project and any necessary closing. In general, downtime depends on the number of chairs being installed.

#5 Supporting You With Customer Service

Installing new theater seating is an investment in the future, and the seating provider you work with should act as a trusted adviser and consultant throughout the process. From determining the best type of theater seat and layout to installation and service, you want to partner with a manufacturer that is responsive and understands your needs. At Seating Concepts, we do more than sell and manufacture premium seating products, we back it with expertise and are committed to making sure our clients are supported and successful.

Let’s talk more about how electric recliner theater seats can enhance your business. Ask us about design, installation and how our products are manufactured. We look forward to answering your questions. Call us any time at 619.491.3159, or fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.