Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Fixed Auditorium Seating

Friday, 29 April 2016 / Published in Custom Fixed Seating
fixed auditorium seating

With over 90 years of experience in fixed seating, Seating Concepts can create a look and feel for your venue that matches almost any use and budget. With a large capacity for customization, there are some important factors to keep in mind when planning your theater, church, school or sporting venue’s new fixed seating to make sure you get it right. Here are some areas that are important to consider when planning your Fixed Auditorium Seating solution:


With auditorium style seating solutions for every venue imaginable, from sports stadiums to places of worship, products from Seating Concepts can really vary in price. Do you need the finest fabrics and accessories, or are your requirements more practical?

Working with a Project Planner from Seating Concepts will help you get an idea of our many options to find one that meets your needs, but is also within your budget. Make sure to include your desired delivery date as soon as you have it, which will help your Project Planner develop your Fixed Seating solution on budget.

Consult with Your Designer or Architect

If you are building a new venue from scratch or doing a major re-designs of an older space, it is best to get your designer or architect in contact with Seating Concepts from the start. An experienced Seating Project Planner can work with your design team or architect and agree on details of your new space, such as the number of units needed and their exact configuration.
Seating Concepts offers hundreds of finishes, fabrics and customizations. Working directly with your venue’s design team can ensure your seating matches the vision of your space and enhances whatever performance, lecture or worship will be taking place there.

Keep Use in Mind

With so many options and customizations available, it is important to clearly understand the final use of your Fixed Seating solution. While comfort and accessibility are always important for a well functioning venue, a university lecture hall will have a very different look and feel from a movie theatre auditorium.
Our products can include everything from tablet arms for students to take notes to cup holders for drinks at the movies. From the beginning of the process, it is important to remember what your final user will need in your seating solutions, what will they value and importantly, what will keep them coming back to your venue time and again?

To start planning your Fixed Auditorium Seating solution today, try our Project Planner.