These Accessories Will Make Your Seating System Complete

Thursday, 28 April 2016 / Published in Custom Fixed Seating, Theater Seats
theater seating accessories

Charles Eames, iconic designer of the famous Eames chair once said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” The importance of so-called details, or in the case of seating concepts the importance of accessories, cannot be overstated. Seating accessories complete the look, feel and functionality of your theater, school, stadium or place of worship.

Fixed seating manufacturers offer a wide selection of accessories in different materials and finishes to enhance your seating.

Aisle Lights

Guide the way to your guests’ seats with LED or incandescent lighting. Popular in cinema seating, aisle lights add a special touch and increase safety for all patrons.

Aisle Panels

Complete the look of your venue by adding aisle panels to your aisle seats. A variety of styles, shapes and fabrics are available to match your décor.


Whether you are considering armrests of wood, laminate, upholstered or ones with cupholders (a mainstay in cinema seats), Seating Concepts has one for every budget.

Customizable Chair Backs

Perhaps the most visible and integral part of your seating arrangement is the type of chair back selected; Seating Concepts carries a wide selection of chair backs that are customizable so you can select one that meets your exact needs. Popular chair backs include plastic injection molded backing, laminate-veneer, half-laminate or fully upholstered seat backs.

Center Stanchion

The center stanchion, commonly known as the space between inner seats, is an often overlooked area. But don’t forget this detail as there are an assortment of choices from armless, armless upholstered, armrests and retractable armrests.

VIP Cinema Seating Accessories

When you offer VIP cinema service, luxury seating accessories are a must-have. Keep your VIPs happy with swivel tables in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials; ottomans or ottoman benches to rest weary feet; vinyl headrest inserts; customizable embroidery on seating and a built-in service call button for VIP service.

Numbering and Lettering System

Complete your seating concept with a numbering or lettering system that reflects your overall look and feel. Numbers and letters can be printed on metal plaques that are placed on the armrest or seat. Embroidery options are also available. Customize your seating further by placing your logo on the chair back.

Seat Bottom

Select the color, thickness, shape and fabric of your seat bottoms. Comfortable chairs make for happy visitors.

Transfer Units

Make your venue accessible for all by outfitting outer seats with transfer units. Swing-away armrests are perfect for visitors in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility.

Specialty Accessories

Depending on your needs, Seating Concepts carries accessories geared for scholastic provisions which include data/electrical outlets and table arms. For places of worship, seats can be equipped with attached book holders and wood communion/envelope holders.

Semi-Permanent Seating

For seating concepts that require some flexibility, semi-permanent seating offers a standard moveable base that shifts whenever you need it to.

Whether you are upgrading an existing venue or planning a new one, seating accessories play an integral part of your seating arrangement and add value by enhancing your customer’s experience.

To find out more about purchasing these great seating accessories contact Seating Concepts today.