What is the Difference Between Fixed Seating and Temporary Seating?

Saturday, 30 April 2016 / Published in Custom Fixed Seating
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For anyone opening their own auditorium, cinema, restaurant or anything that expects a large volume of seated customers, the difference between fixed seating and temporary seating could make or break your business.

To begin, we’ll need to give the actual differences between the two. Temporary seating is, as you can guess, temporary. The seats can be moved as needed, either by customers looking to sit together or by employees to cover a shortfall in seating.

This is most commonly used in more informal settings, like restaurants, where customers operate largely under their own time constraints. Fixed seating is, obviously, installed in place. Whether you are assigned your seat or can choose, once you take your seat, that is where you are for the evening.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed and Temporary Seating

Given the variety of locations that use seating, it’s not possible to say that one is inherently superior to the other in every case. For instance, restaurants sometimes combine the two, with fixed booths allowing more comfort and familiarity, and temporary seating allowing more freedom, especially for larger parties. Temporary seating is also quick and easy to set up if needed, especially for outdoor events like concerts or sporting events.

On the other hand, fixed seating in a theater (either movie or stage) allows commercial theater seating manufacturers and cinema seats manufacturers to best place viewers to see the action and hear the audio. If you allowed customers to move freely, the clattering and screeching of seats dragging across the floor would create a disastrous experience for everyone in the theater. Patrons in this case are best served by installing fixed seating.

So there’s a trade off in advantages, and each situation needs to be evaluated independently. If you are a theater owner, fixed seating is most likely the best option for you and your customers, so you should research into different seating styles and arrangements, and talk to professionals about the best overall space design and acoustics before committing.

Choosing Seating For Cinemas

If you are a cinema owner looking to improve your theater, you should focus on fixed seating in your theaters and auditoriums. It will provide your customers with a better all-round experience, and massively cuts down on the time spent cleaning up after each show.

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