The Customizable Jubilation Church Seating Is an Ideal Choice for Any Place of Worship

Monday, 15 December 2014 / Published in Custom Fixed Seating, Worship Seating
pew seating that's customizable

The Jubilation by Seating Concepts is a custom pew fixed seating arrangement that’s both comfortable and affordable.

Seating Concepts is proud to unveil our new Jubilation church seating. This is the perfect option for any place of worship looking to upgrade or redesign, or a new congregation looking to get started in the right direction with a seating arrangement which can help them stand out from the rest.

With the Jubilation, you’ll get a seating arrangement with the look and feel of a traditional church pew, in a stationary installed configuration. However, instead of an uncomfortable wooden bench, there are individual, cushioned seats, adding great comfort to your seating.

Comfort is key for any church or congregation. That’s because a comfortable churchgoer is one who can fully focus on what’s being said, and what’s happening around them. They’ll be in it for the long haul of any service, able to really pay attention, while being eager to return.

You can also choose exactly how the seats are styled, with a collection of upholstery and veneer finishes. It’s easy to match the color scheme or style of your existing facility. You can also specify the exact sizes of the seats, with widths from 19 to 23 inches, allowing the best layout and capacity.

The seats also have full self-lifting seat return functionality, making it easy for churchgoers to stand up and back down without hassle. Yet, even with those individual seats, you’ll find the community feel of church pews remains intact. That’s because those seats are actually armless. Each person will have his or her own comfortable space, but still be very much able to reach out to their neighbors. It’s the best combination of classic church pews with modern, individual seating possible.

You can also add-on several great and convenient accessories. For instance, equip each seat with a book rack, or even communion cup holders.

Ensure that the entire congregation is jubilant during your next service, and for years to come. Choose the Jubilation worship seating and help your place of worship stand apart thanks to its modern style and comfort, combined with the classic church pew look and feel.

Call Seating Concepts today at 619-491-3159. We’ll be happy to answer any questions, or to help you get started with the process of customizing the Jubilation for your church or congregation.