Collins Road Theatres Did a Time Lapse Video of One of Our Seating Installations. 3 Things That Can Be Learned from It.

Monday, 26 January 2015 / Published in Custom Fixed Seating, Theater Seats
theater seat installation

One of the most important elements in a theater is the seating. It is common knowledge that if the seating is uncomfortable, or if the seats are old and unattractive, that people will have a very low opinion of the movie theater. They’re not likely to return, as the quality of the seating will leave a direct, unfavorable impression. Collins Road Theatres, a cinema in Marion, IA, recently did some remodels for a few of their auditoriums. For their fixed seating, they used Seating Concepts. For one of their auditorium’s remodeling, they recorded a time lapse video—three days of remodeling condensed into only two minutes. For those who are curious about our process, and want to know about the levels of care and execution that go into our seating installations, then this video is an interesting peek through the curtain.

1. Seats that Work in Your Theater

If you need your seating installed with a fast turn-around time, that means you’ll need them shipped on your timeline and with all the part necessary. You’ll also need good planning and execution for the space you have. In the video, the work being done plays out like a meticulous orchestra—every element is in the right place at the right time and, step-by-step, every task is being completed. In almost every second of the video, there is a concentrated frenzy of work being accomplished. That can’t get accomplished (even with a time lapse) unless you have the right mix of quality, planning and execution.

2. We Work in Tandem with Other Members of the Remodeling Team

The installation of the seats is one element of the remodel. For Collins Road Theatres, there were other tasks that had to get finished. That time lapse video is the result of careful, strategic planning with other interior designers that the Collins Road brought on. Seating Concepts worked with Collins, consulting with our project manager for the best possible outcome. We don’t just ship some seats, we brainstorm to see how we can integrate with the overall remodel process and incorporate our product with the experience you want. More than seats, we’re a big part of your customers comfort so we make sure to help cultivate and realize your vision.

3. We Have a Precise Attention to Detail

At the end of the video, you’ll see that every chair looks great, is perfectly aligned with each other and, also, that nothing seems out of place. That’s because every decision we make is purposeful and precise; we nail down the details for every job. Different theaters may choose different seating styles and arrangements, including different finishes, fabrics, and chair types. However, one thing is clear: Each chair needs to look good, feel comfortable and fit within the décor of the auditorium.

There are loads of different seating companies in the market, but not many of them have our impeccable craftsmanship, painstaking attention to detail, and our unending commitment to customer service. If you would like us to figure out how we can help you enhance your seating arrangement at your venue, then call us today at 800-868-8464, or visit our contact page.