How We Helped the Historic Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles with its Recent Overhaul

Tuesday, 28 January 2014 / Published in Theater Seats
Chinese Theatre

Seating Concepts is very proud to have been involved in the recent overhaul made to the historic TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. We worked hand-in-hand with the theatre to meet the requirements of their seating project and delivered a very special, custom-made solution which is the perfect match for the theatre’s needs as they embark on an exciting future.

The TCL Chinese Theatre has long been a historic destination, and a landmark in the LA. It may even be the single most famous movie theatre in the whole world.

Theater seats in the Chinese Theatre in CA

Theater seats in the Chinese Theatre in CA

Yet, that doesn’t mean that you can provide a poor experience to moviegoers and expect to retain your position. In fact, it means that the theater experience has to be all the better. The TCL Chinese Theatre needed an overhaul to ensure it remained a modern and competitive choice, and not merely a favorite from years gone by. They needed the best option for theater seats.

Seating Concepts was brought in to provide a tailor-made cinema seating solution that married the theatre’s past with its future. The result was a very special project and one we’re honored to have been involved with.

seating concepts fixed theater seats

Here’s the seat that installed with the existing Chinese Theater accessories.

Using their preexisting cast iron end panels, we developed a proprietary custom chair design, just for the Chinese Theatre. Beautiful bright red fabric adorns all of the chairs, a perfect complement to the signature style of the Chinese Theatre, the golden era of Hollywood and the movies which it represents. Still, the chairs offer the utmost in comfort and pleasing aesthetics to keep up with the times.

Additionally, the Chinese Theatre retrofitted their seating from a sloped to a stadium style configuration to ensure proper sightlines and comfort for everyone in the audience.  They installed a massive new IMAX screen, which measures 94 x 46 feet. Based on the huge capacity of the Chinese Theatre, it’s the largest IMAX theatre in the world.

With new and improved seating, that fantastic new IMAX screen, and the rest of the upgrades and refurbishments which were made, the TCL Chinese Theatre is well positioned to remain a go-to destination for decades to come.

The TCL Chinese Theatre reopened in September 2013, so if you haven’t been down there yet, be sure to pay a visit and enjoy a show. You’ll love the new look of the theatre, and we know you’ll enjoy a comfortable seat with a great view thanks to our custom installation!