5 Characteristics of a Great Cinema Seat

Wednesday, 27 April 2016 / Published in Theater Seats

We’ve all been there. The theater is playing a captivating movie, we have our popcorn, snacks and drinks, but partway through the show we start shifting in our cinema seats. Perhaps the seating is too upright, or too lumpy or hard. Soon, we have a hard time concentrating on the movie.

Fixed seating manufacturers offer a variety of seating concepts to enhance the movie-going experience. Here are five characteristics of great cinema seating that will have visitors coming back time and time again.


To offer the best theater experience possible, comfortable cinema seating is a top priority. Seating Concepts offers a wide array of options in a variety of finishes to enhance your cinema seats.

Some basic seating characteristics to  of comfortable cinema seating to consider include:

  • Seat back and seat motion (the amount of ‘give’ the back of a chair allows for us to lean back)
  • Seat bottoms in a variety of shapes for best fit
  • Type of upholstery material (upholstery material provides specific comfort and sensation)

For ultimate comfort, full recline seating is available in some seating models.  Check out Seating Concepts’ selection of cinema seating.

Snack Trays

Juggling a bag of popcorn, snacks, napkins and drinks can be awkward at the best of times. A simple snack table attached to seating is a valuable addition and is an accessory that helps reduce the amount of spilled popcorn and drinks for a more comfortable (and less messy) cinema experience.

Integrated Sound Waves into Seating

With the advancement of technology and the rising expectations of customers, treat your guests to an unforgettable time with integrated sound waves right into the seating. Using Tremor FX, movie-goers will feel vibrations that correspond to special effects on screen. This system is perfect for enhancing blockbuster action movies creating a more immersive 3D experience.

Nested Chairs for Couples

Ever wish you could snuggle a bit closer to a loved one in a movie? Often a pesky armrest gets in the way. Private nested chairs for couples or for parents with young children who want to get just a bit closer to each other are ideal for taking the movie experience to the next level.

Service at the Call of a Button

Offer your visitors something they can’t get at home — service at the call of a button. With the popularity of VIP theaters on the rise that offer extended food and drink services, many luxury seats have a built-in service call button to allow guests to be treated like royalty.

Perhaps the test of a great cinema seat occurs when a customer can sit comfortably throughout the duration of a movie and come out without any aches, pains or complaints afterwards. The best seating enables viewers to forget they are in a theater at all and become immersed in the movie.

Contact Seating Concepts to learn more about some of the best cinema seating options they can provide you with.