Mission, Vision & Core Values

Seating Concepts Mission

We are a company that designs, sells and produces high quality chairs that meet our customers’ needs profitably, while we remain committed to the progress of our employees and the community.

Seating Concepts Vision

To be the sales leader through innovative products, meeting the expectations of quality and service, aimed at our target markets.

Seating Concepts Core Values

We promote a creative learning community with the focus of creating new solutions that will benefit our Company and customers. 
We ensure a positive attitude toward colleagues, clients and external parties. Communicate with positive intentions and taking accountability for our actions. 
We give and show firm and constant support for the success of the Company. 
We assume the best of other intentions, initiate powerful conversations and promote open door communication throughout all levels of the Company. 
We focus on obtaining results through a team approach where members are accountable to each other and to the results in which they have committed to. 
We ensure that all work efforts are focused on producing the best results for our customers and the Company.