Uncompromising Quality from Design to Delivery

Our production personnel bring with them years of manufacturing expertise. We consistently look for the finest talent to engineer and create our chairs. The equipment used to craft our product is top flight and undergoes frequent maintenance and testing to ensure that time after time, we construct only high-grade components. Our manufacturing process is eco-sensitive to the environment with its own department to govern the responsible disposal of any residual fluids, airbornes and other wastes.

Within the walls of our Naucalpan and Toluca production sites, our receiving department accepts all forms of raw materials from sheet after sheet of steel to polyurethane foam ingredients to countless board feet of hardwood lumber to numerous bolts of fabric. Materials are carefully reviewed to confirm inbounds of only the highest quality then are disbursed to the appropriate labor sectors for processing. Industrias Ideal possesses complete control over the quality levels of its manufacturing. It is not dependent on any third party vendor to create or supply any significant component of its chairs. This allows us to focus on generating seating that will provide long range comfort and satisfaction to the owners and patrons who use our products.

A walk through our manufacturing assembly lines demonstrates exceptional attention to detail for both process and organization. Careful orchestration of the production function ensures that all client projects receive timely and complete merchandise at the jobsite. Extensively trained technicians take pride in each piece they create using precision tools and acutely calibrated robotics.

Each project, no matter its volume of chairs involved, undergoes a thorough quality inspection by assembling a small quantity of complete units and critically examining the chairs before being approved for meticulous packing and shipment.

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