90+ Years of Quality, Comfort and Style

Precision. Talent. Confidence. Understanding. Vision. These are the essential ingredients to a prodigious, ongoing journey that leads us to partner with the best of clients.

Our approach to servicing clients is a simple and basic belief: Listen, offer prompt answers and be available to assist where or before need arises. We’ve carried this philosophy for three generations of family ownership. It was never diluted and continues to influence our day to day business practices.

Clients have an innate sense of trust. We are happy that whenever the opportunity presents itself to connect with clients, they feel at ease and know they are in the best of care. It makes us proud that long after the chairs are installed, the facility has experienced its inaugural opening and gone on to flourishing use, that our customers continue to contact our office to do repeat business or provide referrals.

This is how we gauge our success.

The Life of Your Project

Seating Concepts fosters the principle that all customers receive first-rate care from the moment of sales prospect to the final warranty inspection report processing. Our corporate offices are planned so that closely integrated teams oversee each stage in the life of a project. Communication is effective and constant, both on an internal and external basis. We are aware that your venue is important to you and that each client is treated with courtesy, prompt answers and respect. Our diverse pool of professionals is ready to answer all your needs from simple inquiries to complex requests.

Projects are reviewed on a continual basis to check and cross check that all materials are procured, shipped and delivered to our production facilities, third party installation labor is effectively coordinated and that any particular project parameters are efficiently addressed on a proactive basis.


With comprehensive and articulate display of chair distribution, our seating layout prints are consistently hailed as the finest in the industry. Often mimicked, but rarely duplicated in merit, our prints are a wealth of knowledge to the owner and installer as to where and how our seating products are installed for success at the jobsite.

Long after a project completes its installation process, our companies communicate with our clients to see if there is further assistance required. We encourage solid maintenance practices and offer one, three and five year warranty inspection reports to encourage our clients to examine their chairs so that if anything needs attention, we can assist you while the product sustains its warranty period.

Looking Ahead

We exploit all forms of technology available in the intelligence market to stay ahead of not only our project management, but to keep at the forefront of new chair designs. We look to our clients and industry colleagues to share their experiences, awareness and needs so that we can incorporate this into future creations or to simply evolve existing products with upgraded features. Our ability to listen and understand these ever-changing design requirements serves to strengthen our relationship with our clients and to those who influence assembly space design.

Seating Concepts has become known as a global industry leader based upon its firm rudiments of providing a superior product, competitive pricing and professional customer service. Its market share continues to ascend at an exponential rate within not only the United States, but in cultural and financial centers such as Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Canada.

Through the transition from a family owned business to a corporate institution, we have maintained the ethics and values that remain the core of our business tactics. Our corporate strategy is to be at the vanguard position of design and technology within our industry. Our design philosophy is to apply the fundamental principles of styling, durability, and comfort to every product we manufacture. Our mission is to continue to develop long-term relationships with our clients based on service, trust and integrity. To have a successful journey forward, you need an abundant awareness of where you’ve been and a clear vision of where you wish to go. The mission of Fernando S. Letayf continues:

“The success of the company is established by the daily effort and constant desire for improvement. Above all, it is the desire to reach this goal of success in all of our endeavors.”

How We Started

It was a small, start-up furniture factory that was used as payment for a prior business investment. The year was 1926. The recipient owner of the furniture factory was our founder, Mr. Fernando Letayf. The name of the company: Industrias Ideal. Our history begins…

The beginnings were somewhat humble: 5,000 pesos, three employees and eight laborers. What the company lacked in capital venture and manpower, it made up for in ambition and vision. Its first product to leave its facility was auditorium seating. The product was simple, sturdy wood based seating, some of which had attached desks with ink wells. In their first year, they registered an extraordinary 50,000 pesos worth of business and delivered 5,000 units.


It wasn’t long before the public started to take note that a quality seating product was being mass produced without having to search outside the country. The chairs became a popular and trusted brand. The year was now 1942. The reputation of the Industrias Ideal label and their penetration into the market caused Mr. Letayf to seek a location where they could expand their efforts. The selected destination: Hacienda El Prieto, located at 16 de Septiembre. It had space to comfortably run factory operations and became the permanent location of our primary production facility that still operates today in the same location.

Upon Fernando Letayf’s death, the company came under the leadership of his three sons. One son, Jose, saw the vast potential of the business and eventually attained the sole ownership of the factory. Carrying the philosophies forward of his father, Jose Letayf began to deftly fashion a strategy for expanding the company into the single largest seating manufacturer in Mexico.

Move ahead to 1964. Our factory is manufacturing seating products to full capacity and it became self-evident that it was time to increase the real estate of the production compound. An adjacent parcel proved to be the key and Industrias Ideal was in better position than before to diversify and prove its manufacturing capabilities. This arrested the attention of Ford Motor Company who was seeking a solid company with which to partner and outsource selected automobile components. A mutually satisfying commercial partnership soon ensued.

The eyes of the world turned to Mexico City in 1968 for the staging of the Summer Olympic Games. Industrias Ideal was called upon to supply seating product to outfit the key stadiums and Olympic Village venues.

The third generation of Letayf family was now active in the daily operations of the manufacturing process. Acknowledging the change in the economy of Mexico, Industrias Ideal exercised its skills in effective commercial planning and analysis. It was now time to look beyond the markets of Mexico and Latin America. The extensive analysis performed in 1982 implied that there was a need in the United States for custom seating at a competitive price within the commercial theatre, worship, education and performing arts center markets. Thus in October of that year, Seating Concepts was incorporated in the State of California to market the products in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

Architects and contractors began to view Seating Concepts as the most attractive resource for premium seating. Far exceeding any known industry standards, the company’s product, service and five year warranty forever changed the face of product specifications and a new compliance benchmark was established for manufacturers.